Micro-Skin Stamp - Microneedle Tool

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At home microneedle treatment tool. 


Stamp your way to clear, blemish free skin with the Micro-Skin Stamp.

The Micro-Skin Stamp (also known as micro needleing or derma stamp) is designed to boost your skin’s collagen production, reduce scarring, increase product absorption and leave your skin less textured and more evenly toned.

The controlled micro punctures caused by 80 surgical stainless steel 0.5mm micro needles will stimulate the skin to generate new collagen and elastin. As the skin regenerates and repairs itself, new cells are formed leaving the skin softer and smoother with lasting results.

Use to:

✨ Stimulate collagen production
✨ Improve appearance of scarring and/or hyperpigmentation 
✨ Boost absorption of skincare products
✨ Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
✨ Improve crows feet 
✨ Minimise pore size
Boost skin elasticity
✨ Stimulate hair growth



Most users will see and feel a difference in their skin 24hrs after their first session, however skin regeneration is likely to take place over 1-2 weeks. Stamping once a week/fortnight is generally recommended (Leaving enough time for the skin to recover in-between sessions is vital).

For best results, use your face roller in combination with the Skin Booster Serum by applying a few drops to your skin after each derma stamp session.


    How to use: Clean & dry skin. Sanitise Micro-Skin Stamp with sanitising spray or use surgical alcohol & allow to dry. Start in one area of the face and gently press on face. Continue the next untreated area until the entire face has been treated. Rinse face with water and apply serum. Any redness will minimise within a few hours. 

    After use: Disinfect with sanitising spray and store in the case topper provided. Use the skin stamp every 1-2 weeks, do not use again until the treated area has fully healed. We recommend replacing the Micro-skin Stamp after 4-6 uses. After a period of time the needles will become dull and less effective, replacing will also avoid bacteria building up on the stamp.

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