Notox - Pigmentation + Scar Silicone Patches

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Reduce Pigmentation & Scarring With Silicone.


If your skin is prone to scarring or pigmentation after a breakout then this doctor and dermatologist recommended treatment is for you. Notox Acne Scars + Pigmentation Patches intensifies hydration and supports skin’s ability to retain moisture thus aiding in the healing process of scars and pigmentation. 


💉 Reduce Pigmentation & Scars
💉 100% Medical Grade Silicone.
💉 Locks in Moisture
💉 Prevents the Needs for Laser Treatments
💉 Reusable 10+ Times

There are a number of reasons why doctors and dermatologist recommended silicone to reduce scarring:

⚡️ Occlusion keeps the area moist and simulates normal skin conditions. This reduces the chances of scarring and pigmentation

⚡️ Silicone reduces blood vessel activity on the area so reduces redness and pigmentation of the skin

⚡️ Silicone creates a negative static field across the wound bed that ensures the collagen that is formed while healing is neatly organised

⚡️ Silicone reduces tension on scars and transfers that tension to the silicone sheet, tension on a scar or mark results in widening of a scar




Applying notox Silicone Patches delivers extra moisture to the skin, prevents TEWL (tansepidermal water loss) and creates occlusion. Occlusion pulls moisture through layers of the skin, specifically targeting the layer of the skin that is more hyperpigmentation & scarring.


Notox Pigmentation + Scar Patchs.


After wearing Notox Patches for a minimum of 2 hours you will notice an instant improvement. Reuse often for lasting results. 

How to use notox patches.



Make sure skin is clean, dry and free of any creams, oils or serums for a lasting grip.



For first time use, gently remove plastic film and position patches on your skin. Wear Notox patches whilst you sleep, or for a few hours during the day, whatever is more comfortable. For lasting results, use as part of your nightly skincare routine.


Store & repeat.

Remove by holding skin taut with one hand while gently removing the patch with the other. Rinse the patch with water when needed to clean and restore adhesion. When not in use, place the patch adhesive-side down on the shield and store inside the resealable pouch.


What's included

24 Medical Grade Silicone Scar & Hyperpigmentation Patches

Storage Shield

Reusable Storage Pouch

Ingredients: Dimethicone, Silica, Hydrogen Dimethicone


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