Notox - Mouth + Smile Lines Silicone Patches

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100% Medical Grade Silicone.


No needle injectables results!  Notox Eyes + Crows Feet Silicone Wrinkle Patches are a reusable, 100% medical grade silicone patches specifically designed to smooth fine lines & wrinkles. Notox patches are a non-invasive alternative to needles & injectables and visibly smooth fine lines and wrinkles in as little as 1 hour (or overnight for best results).

Notox silicone patches keep the skin flat, smooth & restrict muscle movement thus reduce pre existing fine lines wrinkles and prevent new lines & wrinkles from forming. Notox silicone patches also lock moisture into the skin by creating occlusion. This extra moisture helps to soften the appearance of lines & wrinkles and increase blood flow that in turn helps to increase collagen production.


💉 Reusable 10+ Times
💉 Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles
💉 Locks in Moisture
💉 Fast Results
💉 Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Safe
💉 Non-invasive Alternative to Injectables


Fine lines & wrinkles can caused by ageing, sleeping position or repeated forehead expressions.

For 24 hours a day, we move our faces and create expression lines. When wearing Notox patches, you are only moving and creating expression lines for 16 or less hours a day. So over a year, that's almost 3,000 hours that you aren't making expression lines and preventing the skin from creasing and wrinkling.




Notox silicone patch results.


After wearing Notox Patches for a minimum of 2 hours you will notice an instant improvement of fine lines & wrinkles. Reuse often for lasting results. 

How to use notox patches.




Make sure skin is clean, dry and free of any creams, oils or serums for a lasting grip.


For first time use, gently remove plastic film and position patches on your skin. Wear Notox patches whilst you sleep, or for a few hours during the day, whatever is more comfortable. For lasting results, use as part of your nightly skincare routine.

Store & repeat.

Remove by holding skin taut with one hand while gently removing the patch with the other. Rinse the patch with water when needed to clean and restore adhesion. When not in use, place the patch adhesive-side down on the shield and store inside the resealable pouch.


What's included

Medical Grade Silicone Smile Lines + Nasolabial Folds Patches

Storage Shield

Reusable Storage Pouch

Ingredients: Dimethicone, Silica, Hydrogen Dimethicone

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